Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

Some designer brands dive into the House’s Archives when searching for inspiration and thus, take you back in the past. But not Fendi, they’re giving you a taste on how our fashion future looks like.

Ladies with glittering lips, big shiny glasses and of course modernized handbags. Minimalistic and simple does not exist in the Vocabulary of this runway. Everything is complex, but beautifully complex.

The iconic bags are getting face lifted, but oh my, they’re stunning. Seeing this bag is like killing-you-softly because the mind just wants to take one home – now.

Fendi’s Resort 2017 Bag Campaign is everything we ever hoped for with its large selection of beautifully luxurious and fashion-forward bags. It looks like Karl Lagerfeld’s ingenious and creative ideas are brimming at the seams and they came to life at Fendi’s latest campaign.

Let’s roll out the red carpet for this newcomer which will surely be a hit once it lands on Fendi’s boutique stores.

By amy