Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Not only do designer brands sell all sorts of miscellaneous items, and the folks over at Hermes handbags are no different. Besides amazing Replica Hermes handbagsand accessories, I happened to stumble across a strange product that I just had to report to you. I mean, I love talking about designer bags and all (and I still probably will mention one or two in this post) but I am curious to see if anyone else will be baffeled by this item found on the Hermes website.

Okay ladies, brace yourselves. I’m about to report some news that might be a little enraging. Here goes – Kim Kardashian (yes, yet another post about Kim K) has recently been spotted on the beach. Not making you mad yet? Okay, here’s the bad part – She used a designer bag for a beach bag. Still Calm? You’re about to blow a gasket – Her beach bag was one of her (she has bazillions) Replica Hermes! I almost fainted when I saw this picture today. I mean, Kim, we know you’re rich, please stop rubbing it in our faces!

Well, well well, what do we have here. It seems that another person of interest is also interested in the very popular crocodile Hermes Birkin (who isn’t!) The lady in question happens to be Tamara Ecclestone, who, if you don’t remember, happens to be that extremely rich socialite who bought the Spelling mansion about a year ago. This seems pretty irrelevant, however, but I would like to remind you that the last time (and many times before that) she was seen, her style resembled a hot mess! You should know that I am very happy that she has been doing her self right by displaying Hermes products on a worthy arm.

By amy