Sat. May 21st, 2022

Jil Sander is a German designer in the family of world’s top designers dominated by French and Italian fashion houses. She was born in 1943 in Hamburg, Germany and studied textile engineering. After graduation she went to Los Angeles with the student exchange program and spent few years in the United States.

After return from the US, Jil Sander worked as a fashion editor for Petra (a German fashion magazine) and in year 1978 started her own fashion label under her own name. Her minimalist elegance in luxury fabrics did not receive the attention or recognition in the beginning. Quite contrary – that decade was saturated by colorful and rich designs and the extravagance completely overshadowed her wonderful ascetic work.

The characteristic features of handbag by this designer is the minimalist inspired shape, clean lines and best leather used (this brand also has canvas bag, such as canvas tote bag),her purses on sale is the right time to buy cheaper purses from their previous collection, because designs by this brand are truly timeless and the quality and craftsmanship of these bags make them last for many seasons. These purses might look a bit heavy, however they are great supplement to the minimalism inspired apparel that is still the trademark of the brand.

Right now Mrs. Sander is no longer designing for the brand she created (it was purchased by Prada group and she had unresolved disagreements with the management as regards to designs and fabrics), however right now she has signed a contract to create fashion lines for Japan’s Uniqlo and most likely the contract is to be prolonged as there is huge demand for her designs.


By amy