Sat. Oct 1st, 2022
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Louis Vuitton’s much-publicized move away from its iconic monogram canvas has resulted in two accessories biproducts: more leather and exotic handbags and more Damier handbags. With the introduction of the Louis Vuitton Spring 2014 Men’s Damier Bags, both are now available together.
The season’s Damier leather comes in two different versions – Nomade Grand Damier and Nomade Damier Oversize. The Grand version features smaller perforations in a smaller print scale, while the Oversize version features large, airy perforations in a scale that matches the name of the print. A third men’s Damier style, which fuses leather and lizard (a men’s first for Vuitton), is also available in at least one smaller style. Check out the new bags below, which all ring up in the mid-four figures.

Created for the spring summer season of 2014, this Louis Vuitton bag inspired by the contemporary globetrotting trends that encourage people to crisscross the world and move from its Eastern to its Western end on a regular basis, brings some fresh air into the house’s collections. Planning a road trip with your family? Are you about to get on the plane and take a journey thousands of kilometers away? Are you a frequent flyer, be it on business or for personal reasons? Do you commute a lot on a daily basis? The new Louis Vuitton collection is all about your globetrotting desire and your need to carry along a lot of things while remaining elegant and stylish.

With Nomade Damier Oversize Cabas, you can pick the style you want and travel the world in total freedom. With either East-West or North-South models, you can get on the road and have all your trip planned inside your uniquely designed and very practical Louis Vuitton bag. Featuring that very trendy modern take on the 60s’ style, Nomade Damier Oversize Cabas East-West is not just another bag the famous fashion house has created. It’s mixture of styles that combines different cultures and different values, from the freedom of the great outdoors to the sophisticated versatility of a contemporary business woman.

A bag combining the concepts of suitcase and backpack in one single item, Nomade Damier Oversize Cabas East-West is a helpful tool and a stylish accessory at the same time. The perforated pattern adorning the leather let us understand that Louis Vuitton has not exhausted its creativity and still has the power to innovate. Inside the bag you will find not only enough space for everything you need to carry with you, but also smartly compartment pockets for your ease of use.

By amy