Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

First things first, how do you actually buy a Birkin or Kelly bag? Unfortunately, for 99% of the women who lust after a Hermes bag the process of realizing that dream isn’t straightforward. Purchasing a Birkin or Kelly directly from a Hermes boutique isn’t as simple as wandering in, picking a bag off the shelf and paying for it at the cashier. Hermes implement strict rules as to who is able to acquire one of their iconic bags. There are long waiting lists that can stretch up to six years. Even getting on the waiting list is a struggle, with customers ranked on previous purchases and reputation with the company. Therefore, there is no guarantee that you will actually be able to get on the waiting list in the first place.

Instead, the path that the majority of first time buyers choose is that of an auction house or trusted consignment company. Auction houses are the riskier option of the two, with many buyers paying a premium on their purchase. The option of purchasing from a trusted consignment company is the most commonly used by first time buyers, who can find both new and pre-loved Hermes bags for a set price. Utilizing the secondary market when making your first Hermes purchase is highly recommended and the safest way to go.Due to the difficulty in obtaining a bag directly from Hermes, the decision of whether to purchase a new or pre-loved bag is often made up on your behalf. However, that isn’t to say there aren’t new Birkins and Kellys available at auction or listed on consignment websites. The potential of Hermes bags as an investment has created a market where investors purchase new Hermes bags with the sole intention of selling them on. These bags are listed at auction or on the secondary market in pristine condition and are the equivalent of buying a brand new bag directly from Hermes.

There are pros and cons to both new and pre-loved Hermes bags. Many women will seek a new Hermes bag for their first purchase as they believe it holds many advantages over a pre-loved bag. However, due to the uniqueness of Birkins and Kellys such as limited edition colors and discontinued skins as well as their ability to withstand most wear and tear and remain timeless in the world of fashion, pre-loved Hermes bags are a viable option. We covered the pros and cons of new vs pre-loved Hermes handbags a few weeks ago which you can find

By amy